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  • MerryMart Consumer Corp. (“MM”) is an emerging consumer focused retail company principally engaged in the operation of retail stores in the supermarket and household essentials category. MM through its subsidiary, MerryMart Grocery Centers Inc. (“MMGC”) will pioneer the franchise business model covering supermarkets and household essentials stores in the Philippines. 

  • MMGC plans the development of the brand, MerryMart, through company-owned stores, as well as opening it for franchise to the public.  MerryMart will serve as a platform for the existing local and traditional supermarkets to convert and be part of a modern branded retail chain network while retaining ownership of the store as a franchisee of MerryMart. Being part of the MerryMart network will enable current traditional retailers to remain keep relevant for the next many decades  and also enable them to bridge the ongoing shift from traditional retail to modern retail.

  • MMGC aims to cover all the grocery retail categories from small, medium and large grocery retail formats and will have three (3) grocery retail formats:

  • 1. MERRYMART Grocery 
  • MerryMart Grocery is a full size supermarket that offers a wide variety of food and non-food products and includes a broad selection of personal care products as well as a pharmaceutical section. MerryMart Grocery caters to lower to middle-income consumers and offers competitive prices. MerryMart Grocery will be available for franchising via conversion of existing traditional supermarkets.

  • 2. MERRYMART Market 
  • MerryMart Market is a medium format specialized grocery that offers a larger selection of premium and imported grocery items and will feature a large fresh selection of fruits and vegetables, as well as fresh seafood products. MerryMart Market will also offer personal care and pharmaceutical products but will cater to the middle to high-income consumers in central business districts and other urbanized communities.

  • 3. MERRYMART Store 
  • MerryMart Store is a small format household essentials store with a unique three-in-one concept which combines a mini-grocery, personal care shop and pharmacy in one store providing operational cost efficiencies. This household essentials store will cater to the general population of each community and neighborhood it serves. The MerryMart Store expansion will be primarily through a franchise platform.

    MERRYMART Grocery Centers Inc. celebrated two milestones last April 29, 2019. The first is the opening of its first supermarket at the Ground Floor of DoubleDragon Plaza, DD Meridian Park, Bay Area, Metro Manila, and the setting of MERRYMART’s 12-12-12 Vision 2030.

  • MERRYMART aims to cover all the grocery retail categories from small, medium and large grocery retail formats. MERRYMART will have three (3) grocery retail formats:
    • 1. MERRYMART Grocery
    • 2. MERRYMART Market
    • 3. MERRYMART Store
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